Websense Certified Systems Engineer WCSE

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Im wondering if there's anyone who has info about this certification, or if someone is holding this cert that can share his/her experience with the rest of us.


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    Awesome, I didn't know they had a certification for websense! I'll be interested in learning about it as well.
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    Sounds interesting, probably not much demand for the cert but will probably help if your job includes managing websense.
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  • Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157

    It would be nice for me since I work with it everyday.... But.... My company is not a partner and probably will never be. I think the training and certification are only available for certified partners.
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    Today i received an email from our reseller, letting us know that one of the WCSE is coming to my country the next month to prepare the IT personnel of companies that have purchased websense for the WCSE exam.
    The exam is available to anyone that have taken the course previously.
    The exam cost is $150.
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    The training for the WCSE(websense certified system engineer) cost in my country $1350 and will be with one of WCSe of Mexico.
    These includes the exam cost.
    I hope to be able to assist.
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    Unfortunate choice of cert name, WCSE. I imagine a few wags hooting in the employment agency offices when they see that on a CV, 'Hey Toilet Systems Engineer' cool Beavis..hehehee ;)
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    Nice,.. but do we really need it. Everything in this day come with certification.
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