error 1324. The folder path '.' contains and invalid.......

jkstechjkstech Member Posts: 330
When trying to install project server 03 I keep getting the following error.

Error 1324. The folder path '.' contains and invalid character

this is a sharepoint server, which is why I want to put project 03 on there, to integrate it with sharepoint, any app that uses windows installer gives this error, other install packages work fine,

I ran the proj svr 03 install on another server and it runs fine, i've been through many registry keys to verify proper settings, checked the path in my environmental variables, logged on with multiple different accounts, ran it local, from the network, console etc.

unregistered and re-registered msiexec.exe

uninstalled and reinstalled windows installer from add/remove programs....

once again, the gremlins are back, I already checked the kabobulator.... icon_wink.gif

any thoughts?

what is path does '.' refer to? I was thinking root.
get back to studying!!!


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