***UPDATE - PASSED TODAY*** 70-293 study question

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***Begin Update***

Hello Again,

After taking several practice test I felt ready to take the exam and I passed! My thoughts on 70-293 are this:

-Don't use the MeasureUp tests that come with the MS Press Core Training Kit for this tests. They don't really match the material at all. The questions are more misleading then usual and do not represent the real exam at all. I wasted about 2 days worth of study time on this material.
-The Syngress book was good.
-The PrepLogic practice tests were helpful.
-This wasn't as hard as 70-291, but close.

I'm glad to be done with 291 and 293. I just have 294, 297 and 298 to get my MSCE: Security Specialization.

Good luck to everyone and I'll see you in the 294 forum!


***End Update***

Hello All,

First time poster. I am studying for the 70-293 and use the MS Press books as well as other resources. What shocked me is after thoroughly reading the MS Press 70-293 training kit book and then taking the Measure-Up practice tests that come with the Core kit, so many questions were asked on material no where in the book itself. I'm used to some questions coming from the extra suggested reading, but not this much. In addition to the MS Press books and their extra suggested reading, I have the O'Reilly Core Required Exams in a Nutshell, which I think is lacking in detail.

On the 70-291 test I didn't pass with as high of score as I would have liked. Considering so much of the same info overlaps in 70-293, I'm going to get extra study material to make sure I really know the content and I can pass the test with no problem.

What I'm looking for are suggestions on materials. I have browsed this forum and seen many people recommend the Syngress book, which I'm going to get, and the Transcenders test, which I'm debating.

My biggest problem with taking the MS tests is how the questions are asked. I know the material and practice hands-on, but so many questions are presented at such an angle that I overthink it or it confuses me. So any advice on this is appreciated. This is my 4th recent MS test.

So based on my ramblings above, all suggestions, feedback and tips are welcome.



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    ltldogg, i passed the 70-291 exam by the skin on my teeth too (760 score). i believe the ms exams become easier as you progress through the mcse path, obviously this is due to the experience/knowledge you gain from previous exams. however i would also say 70-293 (or at least my 70-293 exam) wasn’t as hard as i imagined and significantly easier than 70-291.

    my training materials were/are: testout, cbt nuggets, sygress book (but only for the areas i struggled with, ie: pki, clustering) & lots of practice questions.

    Areas to concentrate on, I would say:

    DNS/WINS/DHCP (just brush up on as you've done 70-291)
    RRAS (again covered in 291)
    security templates (again covered in 290/291)
    GPO deployment (again covered in 290/291)
    Server deployment/location (ie: intranet, dmz, etc)
    wifi & smart cards (only got 1 question on this)
    custom sub-netting (again covered in 291)
    next up SharePoint... what's that all about!
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    Hi Preecy,

    Thanks for that info. I feel better already :D

    I am currently browsing through the Syngress ebook for info that is not in the MS Press book; and that's a fair amount. I am going to spend tonight, all weekend and then Monday night doing practice questions and labs and then re-reading areas that are my weak points. My company got us PrepLogic videos and questions, which should be available to us Monday. I plan on taking the test either Tuesday, Wed or Thur; based on how ready I feel. That would put me on my target pace of 2 weeks or less for each test.

    I do have some additional questions after reading over the Syngress book. Did anyone get questions on IPv6, WPA or any other new technologies that Syngress covers?

    Thanks again for the info. I might have more questions over the next few days as I go through the practice questions.

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