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livenliven Member Posts: 918
Well I think I am going to push my test back from nov 5 to later in the month.


Well two reasons.

There is a lot of stuff on the current exam I never use at work (ISDN, RIP) and lots of things I do use (SSH, Port security, blah, blah blah)...

And I just got a new project at work.. I have to get extremely familiar with ASA/PIX/IPS... I have been using IPS/IDS systems for some time (other vendors), and I have used tons of different firewalls (once again other vendors/os etc.). But I have no experience with ASA....

This is going to be challenging, but I am pretty stoked. Like I said though, the down side is I am going to have to slow down the pursuit of my ccna. However, this will certainly make the steps toward my CCSP much easier. AT least I hope it will.

I really don't think I am 100% ready to take the test next week anyway. I would like to take it jsut 1 time. I have taken lots of cert tests, and when I feel very confident I always pass. THe only time I was not 100% confident in myself I failed. Currently I am not 100% confident....

So if any one has any tips on how to ramp up quicly on the ASA devices please let me know. I am not in the need of test advice, but just things to get me going.
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    Kcolon1Kcolon1 Member Posts: 36 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Well I understand where you're coming from. Lucky you, at least you get to work with the stuff lol. But make sure you're pushing the 640-802 back, not the 640-801, cause that test is retired after the 6th...
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    PlazmaPlazma Member Posts: 503
    Good choice.. it takes a smart man to pass any Cisco test, but it takes a brilliant one to realize his situation and knows that he shall live to fight another day.
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    livenliven Member Posts: 918
    Thanks guys.

    I am lucky that I get to work with the stuff. So that really helps the certification process. And using any cisco gear makes testing on it easier.

    But I know that I am not ready for the 801, actually I feel better about the 802, just because I use more of the technology that is on the 802. HOwever I still would have trouble passing that test. Its not the theory it is just memorizing commands that i really never use.

    So anyway thanks again guys. I will post up here when I finally pass the 802.

    Then its either CCSP or CISSP. Probably both, just a matter of time.
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    PashPash Member Posts: 1,600 ■■■■■□□□□□
    I know how you feel, swapping and changing between vendors. I could set up a juniper firewall in no time currently, infact id like to try take the firewall associate exam for juniper, would pass it with ease i think.

    Now im back to cisco ACL's again today and making all sorts of mistakes, missing host prefix in places, getting confused with wildcard, also more embarrasingly getting my in's and out's wrong icon_rolleyes.gif

    Anyway gl to you mate, take it when your ready.
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    mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,086 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Come on.... it's only $150. We'll even let you call it a practice test. icon_lol.gif
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    geezergeezer Member Posts: 136
    I noted some posts here stating that ISDN doesn't warrant much study anyhow. Is it RIP you are unsure of or all routing protocols on the exam?
    I used to be undecided but now I'm not so sure.

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    r_durantr_durant Member Posts: 486 ■■■□□□□□□□
    mikej412 wrote:
    Come on.... it's only $150. We'll even let you call it a practice test. icon_lol.gif

    I was kinda thinking the same thing...at least you'd have an idea what the exam is like. I figure the core of the exam isn't gonna change much, just the added stuff...
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    livenliven Member Posts: 918
    These are all valid points. However I have to miss work to take the exam.

    I work on a military base (though not in the military) and it is kind of a pain to schedule time off (with the work I do and the obligations to my work team mates).

    I was really going back and forth in my head on taking the test on monday. But I just decided to move it to the 21st.

    There isn't one particular thing that I am uncertain about. However I know I can feel much better about a lot of the stuff if I get more study time in.

    I mentioned RIP and ISDN because they are things that I just don't do/use anymore. All the other routing protocols are in use at my current job or I have seen one way or another in the last few years. I used to work with ISDN all the time when I worked at an ISP (all though I never had to memorized the NT1, NT2 stuff etc...). But now I never touch it. Same goes for telnet, telnet has not been allowed or supported anywhere I have worked for minimum last 2 or 3 years.

    And also I need to take the IPv6 plunge. Instead of just disabling it on all the *nix boxes I bring up, I need to start learning about it. I do think it will be many more years before it is even in use 50% of the time, but its day will come.

    Once again thanks to all for the support and understanding. I will continue to come to this forum for advice and support.
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