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I scored THEE minimum 700 out of 1000. I originally said I would take three weeks to study and then just take it. Well, three weeks turned into a week and a half. I almost rescheduled, but decided to say screw it and take it, due to the free re-take that MS offers.

I ended up only using Exam Cram v2, the included practice test and the practice test here. I didn't take this one as serious because I have used Windows XP Pro extensively. It was and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. MS obviously likes to offer a lot of trickery in their questing. Giving two very good answers and two very bad answers. I'm just glad to be an MCP finally after all of this time.

Next up is either Network+ or 70-290. Probably stick to MS for now, just because I'm already there.


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    As many will say below.....a pass is a pass. GL on your future studies.
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    congrats :D
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    Good luck on the 290. If you haven't done much with servers then plan on setting up a lab.
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    Congrats...a pass is definitely a pass...I squeaked back with a similar

    My thank god that my employer only wants to know that I passed and not the thats an extra 500 bucks extra a year and a fat bonus check at the end of the

    I will be taking both of the mcdst next get them out the way then on to 290.

    I took the 271 test on monday 11/12 and passed with a much better thoughts are if you study for and pass the 270 then 271 and probably 272 will be a breeze. So for those of you who like me are getting pay raises and bonuses based on what certifications you have mcdst after 270 will be easy. I'll be taking the 272 as soon as I can get reimbursed for the 270 and 271 tests.

    2 away from MCSA....whooohaaa
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