Shadow copies

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Hi all,

I'm studiyng this topic but can't try to answer the following question in order to define right the concepts.

First, what I comprised:
Shadow Copy feature, is a backup feature of Windows Server 2003 (itself), by which it can do copies of files that are also open by the operating system or other aplications. OK.

The question:
What I asked to myself (and You of course :)), is if VSS (Volume shadow Service) is related in some way to NTBackup and NTBackup consequently has this feature.

One other question is if shadow copies are only for shared folders or also for folders not shared, in the MSPress book he begins to say that "The Shadow Copies feature for shared folders is not enabled by default", not there is trace on what happens for folders not shared, I think not, but not sure.

Thank You very much.

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