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When I passed my MCP I got my certificate etc and a pin badge.
When I git my MCSA and MCSA messaging welcome kits there was no pin badge.

My bro is MCSE and has MCP, MSCA, MCSA Messaging and MSCE pin badges. Has something changed?


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    I believe MS is no longer giving out the pins.

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    See here.
    MS wrote:
    Q. Do welcome kits include a certification lapel pin?
    A. No. Lapel pins have been discontinued in response to customer feedback, allowing us to allow us to focus on delivering benefits with higher approval ratings.

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    No badges these days huh? Bummer.

    I remember receiving a badge for MCP and another for MCSE when I finally completed mine back in 1999. It took me 9 months to cover the material for the 6 tests. The badge was discrete enough so I used it as a sort of tie pin, only for my boss at the time to take the p1ss by using a 'Blue Peter' badge on his tie..heheheh. I can laugh about it now but after working so hard in my freetime to get the MCSE I was less than impressed. He had no Microsoft certs. I recall getting one for CNA as well in 1999. In the end, all the badges got lost and I never displayed my certificates. I am thinking of putting them all up in my study at home where I prepare for my CCIE. Expect for my old CCNA and CCNP certificates, I seem to have lost those in a house move years back!
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    Thanks Guys,

    Your right it is a bummer!!
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