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Hi guys, Anyone here knows some information about much slower price of network+ exam voucher offered for now, I want to take the exam this mid of December 2007 and I will finance this with my own money..



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    i hear ya, 200+ dollars for this exam in my opinion is insane. however, it is a one time pass, always have certification.
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    maybe there will be some christmas specials on black friday :P
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    Try the voucher link on the left-hand side of the page.

    Exam Vouchers
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    I looked at the CompTIA website before taking my Net+ and I remember seeing something about their new pricing schedules. Apparently, they've removed the group purchasing discounts that always led to large buyers selling off their remaining tickets at really low prices for vouchers that were about to expire. The lowest price I've seen (and I paid) was $200.00 from (Meyers web site). It included a set of practice questions - 10 100 ? tests - which were extremely helpful in studying for the exam, IMO.

    Too much money, but what are you going to do?
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    In my experience, deep discount vouchers are getting harder to find. Keep searching.
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