Whats the Best CBT Training or Video Training available?

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Has anyone used any of these CBT or Video training such as CBT NUGGETS , Train Signal and such? I have some pc knowledge but really want to take one of these CBT courses and PASS as well as really know what I am doing. Any Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    There will be no clear cut method to pass any exam. That being said, I have used both the www.TrainSignal.com as well as www.CBTnuggets.com and found they are both very good at adding an additional resource to my study arsenal.

    I enjoy TrainSignal as a means to really learn new material by hearing, seeing and some lab. The www.cbtnuggets.com material is very useful to help highlight the topics covered on a specific exam.

    I'd also recommend as much live experience as possible before the exam. Labs are helpful, but not a substitute for the workplace. Meyers and Sybex as texts are very useful too. I'll always recommend a couple sources to help prepare. FWIW

    ....and of course, start with the Objectives before you begin ;)
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