Sitting the exam in 3 hours.. *** UPDATE ***

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I had a lot of questions on NTFS and share permissions, and printers/devices. I even had the exact same question with the exact same answers show up twice, about 3 questions apart. I used CBT Nuggets and Transcender to prepare, and luckily it paid off! I scored a 826, much better than I anticipated. I finished with about an hour remaining, and I had about 15 questions marked for review, which made me a bit nervous, but in the end I'm very happy. After I finished the exam, the test center could not get the results to print. They finally sorted it out after about 20 minutes, and I was on my way.. :D

Moving on to 70-290. How does it's difficulty compare with 70-270?


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    Don't be nervous and take the exam with confidence. I enjoy last minute studying as I'm fresh when I go take the test so I would suggest that but it really depends on the person.
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    Assuming you are prepared, I agree with Mishra confidence is everything. Do something you enjoy before the test. I heard another member mention whooping someone in madden, or go for a run, or just relax with something other that what you have been working on the last few weeks/months. You are ready, no need to be nervous. As for the test I always drink a red bull about 30 minutes before, I have noticed it helps me stay more attentive. I also sneak a piece of gum in my mouth, it helps the nerves during the test. But don't let the admins see, food is not allowed.
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    Gum considered food? I have read the rules but really..... Gum? I know most if not all testing sites have cameras just dont let them see that jaw moving to much lol
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