Helpdesk Interview Tommorow, getting cold feet.

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Hello glad to be part of the community this is my first post and I'm really reaching out for help here. My name is Tom, I'm 20 years old, and I graduated from highschool back in 2005. I've been with this company named severn trent services for about a year now as a shipper/receiver/picker and this is pretty much my first "genuine" job that I've had since I graduated, everything else has been part time and such. Well now theres 2 positions opened up in the IT department, which I've submitted a statement of interest for, to help revamp/run helpdesk and just improve things by starting to track assets/their age and make sure all programs are properly licensed (were going thru a microsoft audit right now). Obviously theres a lot more to it than that but this just gives you a basic idea. Now my problem is that because I have absolutely no training/schooling, certifications, and only basic technical knowledge that I will be wasting my time at the interview tommorow and might feel discouraged by how bad I get owned during the technical "grilling" by two employees with their bachelors. Now I AM very good with computers I have a natural talent and am mostly hands on but I'm completely "homegrown" and I just don't feel that this is a good Idea because to my understanding they are first going to get to know what I'm like as a person and then I'm gonna get questions fired at me like "how will you install windows and syteline on 50 computers" and then probably a lot questions involving acronyms and shortcuts and... you get the idea. So I'm just looking for some general insight on the situation, what you think I should do, and if you think I should go for it what should I brush up on tonight. Thanks for taking the time.


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    Just be honest with whatever you might not know but show them that you're willing to learn. Most importantly make a good impression.
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    get there 30 min before the interview i said that u really love what u do lol
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    I really don't think they're going to "grill" you over an entry-level position. They may ask some tough questions, but you seem to be fearing for your safety. It's not going to be that bad.

    Focus on your organizational skills and learning abilities and be honest. Show up early and wear a suit if you have one. Have you done anything exceptional at the company that really shows your character and abilities? Bring that up.

    Even if things don't go well, you will still gain valuable interview experience and will learn what you need to do for the next time around.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.
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    Well its not for a System Admin job so heres what I will tell you about our hiring process...

    You can teach technical skills to those inclined to learn, it is MUCH harder to teach customer service/work ethic/people skills. Emphasize your desire to learn what you need to, be humble about your abilities and try, like the others said, make a good impression about your personality.

    Good luck, this potentially is a great stepping stone from the sounds of it.
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