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I have not done anything in the certification realm since 1998. In that year I got my MCP (Front Page) and A+ certs and never really considered getting any further certification. Now where I am at the job market is much more competititve (moved from DC to Albany/Poughkeepsie NY area) so I am thinking about getting some certs to help solidify my experience.

Because I already have my A+ I was thinking about getting the Networking+ exam so that will give me my credit towards my MCSA/E and begin preparing me for my CCNA/E. I have always played the role of MS admin and Network admin over the past 6 years so I think having both certs plus my Comp TIAs will be a good mesh.

Or will it?

Any thoughts about this path? N+ > CCNA > MCSA > MCSE? > CCNE?


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    From what I've found, the CCNE appears to be a really, really old certification.

    CCNP is the next step for routing and switching on the Cisco ladder.

    Cisco Certs

    The order seems fine. The important thing is to do whatever interests you :D
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    The A+/N+ combo only counts towards the MCSA, and not the MCSE.

    Good luck

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    I have a similar path except I am going Comptia Electives>>MCSE>>CCNA and beyond...but that was just my preference.
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