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I recently sat and failed the 70-291 exam and hit upon a question about analyzing a PC's update status. The vaild options were MSBA and something called HFNetchk.exe. The Syngress and MSPress books don't mention this program and I'm sure I didn't see it in Transcender. I researched it on the web and it seems to be the same as MSBA. Any ideas on what the difference is and what Microsoft might prefer?


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    MBSA uses HFNetchk to check for updates on a system. HFNetchk uses an XML file from a .cab that it downloads from Microsoft's servers. So when you run MBSA, and it displays that critical patches/hotfixes have not been applied, that's all thanks to HFNetchk.
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    HFnetchk is the old skul version of MSBA it check for Hot Fixes, MBSA has more options which also includes HFnetchk capabilities, HFnetchk is mostly used on Windows 2000 Server.

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    Thanks for the input. I'm thinking MSBA might be the way to go if I see that question again.
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