Cisco Admin Tools---must have for Cisco Engineers

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I'm looking for the best(and possibly cheapest) tools for Cisco Engineers...

I found this great article online which describes some of them

What are your favorites and must haves for Cisco routing and switching?


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    My Cisco toolkit consists soley of Putty, but I'm a nub icon_lol.gif

    Thanks for sharing the link; those look interesting. Does anyone have any experience with any of those?
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    I've used PRTG, but have stuck with MRTG. PRTG was a good intro for me before I really got mrtg figured out.

    Couple of other tools I use are:
    Solarwinds Professional Edition - tftp, network discovery, monitoring, snmp, etc.
    MRTG - various network monitoring
    Excel - or any other spreadsheet, use this for comparing configs or just building some generic configs and flagging the lines that need to change between devices
    Editpadpro - text editor on steroids...has capability to use regular expressions in searches
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    Check out Crimson Editor for a great text editor as well. It views Cisco config files unmolested...
    CCNA, A+. MCP(70-270. 70-290), Dell SoftSkills
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    My bread and butter:
    Putty, Solarwinds TFTP, Wordpad, Excel (great for storing and quickly mass editing Access-lists and object-groups), Cisco IPS Event Viewer, Kiwi Syslog, Adventnet Firewall Analyzer and HypericHQ for availability monitoring.
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    Goldmember wrote:
    Check out Crimson Editor for a great text editor as well. It views Cisco config files unmolested...


    I've been playing with MRTG today, but it's rather confusing. :p
    I certainly recommend puTTY.
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    mrtg is pretty confusing at first, but once you get it, it makes a lot more sense.

    I've got a handful of websites that help to set everything up. let me know if you want them.
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