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Hey guys - needs some input and advice from the security guys.

Currently I'm working on my CCNP - and once that is finished I'm planning on going for my CCSP. At work, we have PIX, ASA, and Checkpoint. I really have not work with any of it.

Would it be worth it to look at Security+ first? I was looking at the Security+ blueprint and have a good "novice" level of understanding on most of the topics I saw.

I'll be getting a lot of hands on expireince in the next 6 months, so either way I'll be working with the equipment/technology I mentioned above.



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    I'd pick up the Syngress book: You can get it for $23.98 as a PDF directly from them. I'd go through that and see if you are interested in the exam. You should also download the Security+ objectives, if you haven't yet:

    Ultimately, I'm not sure how much it will help you. I think going over the different types of encryptions and things like that might be a good primer for you, but you're also going to get a lot of questions like, "What is a firewall?" I'd take a look at the above resources and see if it you think the exam will be beneficial for you.
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    I don't think it'd particularly help with your CCSP studies, but it would give you a base understanding of some of the general security concepts.

    Personally, I really enjoyed studying for the Security+ but I suppose it depends on your level of interest.
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    One of the CCSP exams, the SND is essentially a Cisco-Centric Security+. It's an excellent foundation for other securitycourses so definitely give it a go.
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    Similar Question:
    If I pass my SND test, would (or should) I be prepared to take the Security +? Or will the Sec+ have additional info not covered in the SND?

    What about visa-versa?
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