thanks to all that have helped me over the last few weeks

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did my 70-271 today and passed 866.

I did the transcender test sims, and used CBT nuggets and MSP 70-271.

I only saw 2 questions similar to the ones i had seen in mock exams and they both had a twist to them. I won't bother with transcender again.

did my last mock yesterday afternoon and on the last question the transcender app crashed.

today, 1 hour into the exam the server crashed and i ended up probem solving the network for 20mins with the guy from the test centre. once it was running again i completed the exam quickly. I only had 7 questions left.

the questions were not as complicated or drawn out as the transcender ones. I had loads of time to read the questions.

RULE #1. Read the question.

there were a couple that i thought all the answers were wrong. and 3 questions homed in the subject i least studied.....printers.

Anyway, I did it and just wanted to say thanks to the people of this forum who replied to the questions i posted earlier this month and to all the other posters on this forum, somtimes i read other posts that i don't need to reply to don't feel qualified to.....(might be now?) But i still manage to learn from them.

thanks everyone :D

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