N+ Exam (How does it compare to A+ Exam)

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As per the title really, I have recently completed the A+ cert and am studying for N+, have just got off the comptia website and the exam is 72 questions long!! and non-adaptive! How have people who have taken it found it harder or easier (as an exam) to the A+ adaptive testing?
Tia Kweelo :)
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    Well I don't take the exam until friday. i found the A+ ratherly simple as well as this one, at least the material is. The only thing I had to spend a little more time on was the OSI model..other than that, a lot of stuff is the same or just explained a little more in detail I think.

    I will let you know friday afternoon how it was. I started studying for the NET+ last wednesday and I am now ready I feel. If you study everyday for at least an hour or two, you'll eb ready in about a couple weeks tops.

    I would start off and get a good study guide, or the Technotes here which are superb!, and read through it to get a general idea of everything before you start off on the practice exams. Those practice exams are great but you really should understand the context of everything icon_wink.gif

    I'll chime in again on Friday and let you know what my thoughts were on the exam....wish me LUCK :D
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    thanx, for that. Am using Mike Meyers study guide, cbt and of course the excellent material on here. Would be very interested in how u fair on Fri (good luck by the way) obviously don't want the specifics on the exam content you take on Fri, but how it compared to A+ adaptive testing. Cheers m8y Look forward to hearing a postive result on Fri, Cheers Kweelo :D
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    May i also recommend the Cramsession Comprehensive Study Guides..they are only $7.50 and you can download them and print 'em out. That is what I am using now. I read through it at first then referenced from it and found it to be very useful!!!!

    Check it out...CLICK HERE[/url]
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    i am finding the going a little tougher for the network+ than i did for the a+. purely as a peer-to-peer network in my lab does don entail as much of what is required in network+ than for a+.

    i do not have the experience or hands-on at work either.

    reading the material from several different sources helps and over the period since i started studying, things are sinking in and clicking unnoticed. my scores in practise tests are consistent and rising.

    depending on family and work commitments in the near future, it looks like i will be able to take the exam on the target i set.

    best of luck at the weekend p42gdell and keep on studying kweelo ;)
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