Passed 272! I'm finally a MCDST!

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Finally passed 272 w/a 746. Just wished I could've made a higher score but a pass is a pass!

Because I failed a few times previously, I had to take a different approach to things. Concentrated more on learning the various skills rather than worry about practice exams. Practice exam scores can be misleading. Did use Sybex along with MS Press and Exam Cram. Was not impressed too much with Transcender last time.

Not sure what's next for me in terms of certifications. Right now, a job would be nice. But, at least I got the "monkey" off my back! :D


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    Congratulations for passing!

    Yes, getting the job and gaining experience is the key. You have some certs indicating a good deal of knowledge, but experience is the real test.

    My experience was, that once I got a little experience, advancement came rather quickly.

    Good luck with your job search!
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    Congrats! :)

    Feels good, doesn't it?
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    Congratz!!! :D

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    Ya I used Trancender for the DST and I dont know how they think that's all you need.

    It helped me out on a few, but no more than 10 questions per exam I'd say. So, while that can be the difference between passing and failing, I dont see how they can say that could be your only resource and pay for your test if you fail.
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    congrats :D
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    MCDST is next for me.
    Gave myself a few months after the last cert.
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