unix/Linx box as a router

Hey All,
has anyone ever used a linux box as a router in a business environment?
Would this be something you would recommend?


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    Zebra is open source TCP/IP routing software that is similar to Cisco's Internetworking Operating System (IOS).

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    I love working with linux.....but to be honest i would rather use a cisco router. I mean everyone can make their arguements one way or another about linux this and cisco that. When it comes down to it cisco is one of the largets manufacturers and pioneers in routing products in the world. If i had to have a router and i was on a shoe string budget id save a couple hundred bucks and get a 26xx off ebay. Their hardware is excellent! and their software once you are accustomed to it really isnt that difficult to setup and maintain.

    but yes, a properly setup linux box can act as a router just fine
  • blargoeblargoe Self-Described Huguenot NC, USAMember Posts: 4,174 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I've installed a couple dozen linux boxes as firewall/router in smaller businesses over the years. You can do a lot with a PC with some extra network cards and minimal disk and memory.

    But an actual device manufactured to perform these functions is going to be better.
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  • livenliven Member Posts: 918

    routed (routing daemon)

    3 nics (can easily use gig nics)



    Very powerful router that can act as a very powerful state full firewall.

    AND you can add these features:

    OPENVPN (or IPsec tools or racoon etc...)...

    Then you have box that is an IPS, IDS, VPN, PROXY and tracks network flows. Yes it does work, and works well. Best of all it is very affordable.

    Would I do this for a MASSIVE company... probably not. Would I do this for a smaller company, sure. Actually I have done it many times.

    Worst part of it is there is some what of a learning curve. But it is not to bad....
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  • oo_snoopyoo_snoopy Member Posts: 124
    It's slow, but it works.

    Fun for advanced features in a small network.
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    I've only ever used it to do transparent firewalling in a business network.
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    We use m0n0wall at my office, but we're a pretty small company.
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  • hypnotoadhypnotoad Banned Posts: 915
    www.untangle.com -- a virtual rack linux machine where you can drop in anti-spyware, firewall, router, etc. appliances. Very cool.
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