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Since my company pays for the exam IF I pass, I want to make sure I know the material like the back of my hand to be sure I won't have to fork over $250 and have to say I failed. When my gf and I go to the bookstore she likes to ask me questions out of the security+ books there, such as the examcram book. She must of asked me 40 questions from it the other day and I got everyone right and she wonders why I just don't take it now. Bottom line I just don't feel confident yet about some topics. I may or may not be able to pass it now but why rush it? Just thought I would share that. :)
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    Do not feel bad about being nervous about taking this test, this was by far the most difficult COMPTIA test I have taken. It covers a very wide variety of topics and the questions on each get pretty granular (for a COMPTIA test). Add that to the high mark you need to pass and you have a very difficult test. Read back a few months in the Sec+ forum and make sure you will breeze by the areas that have troubled others. When you are ready, you will know it. Then go in and ace that SOB!
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    If you don't feel confident about a few topics go and pound the books on those topics for a few nights, take a few practice exams to make sure you've got it, and then go jump on the exam. It's scary but doable.
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