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with a 900 :D
There were about 6 I was unsure and 6 more that seemed right and was certain of the rest. Seems like I missed at least 1 so I am not sure how the scoring really works. I have been studying forever waiting for a good deal on a voucher and finally getcertified4less was running $159 on early expires they expire Saturday 2/23. I grabbed it and went and took the test. I studied Sybex, testout, CBT, and skillsetIT for well over 6 months so I might have overprepared just a little.


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    Whew! That's impressive. Congratulations on that! I should've overstudied like that as well when I took it. :)
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    Passing Score: 764 (scale 100 - 900)

    You aced it buddy, congratulations icon_thumright.gif
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    Very good job! Now what are you going to do?
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    I completed some CCNA classes between studying for sec+ so that is probably next, hopefully I will not wait as long. It is not as expensive but a little more in depth I would imagine. This is another one I will overthink as when I began my career I was setting up VPN tunnels, SSH, and access list on PIX without any real knowledge so I am a little wary of Cisco. Touch up on my VLAN, trunking, RPs terminology, and specifics of all the show commands and I should be good. icon_rolleyes.gif Set my goal on summer.
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    Very Impressive, i admire your attitude. i have 2 books already. The sybex security + certification and the Syngress. Im kinda confused though cause the exams says SYS-103 but the books are for the 101. I was told also that the objective would be changed this year how true is that, and how does the 103 differ from the 101.
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