BSCI failed Passing score:790 My score:788[UPDATE-PASSED!]



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    Congratulations !
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    Congrats and good going! icon_wink.gif

    Which is more difficult between BSCI and BCMSN, is probably more related to what you find more interesting or have more experience with, routing or switching.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks guys!
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    mikej412 wrote:
    I thought BSCI was easier -- but that may have been because I was routing on UNIX systems long before switches existed.

    How old are you :) ?
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    CCIE_2011 wrote:
    How old are you :) ?
    What -- you expect me to admit toggling in the bootstrap loader on the front panel of a PDP-8? And even if I did, it was already old which is why I got to touch it. I wasn't allowed within 10 feet of the PDP-11/70 and had to give my paper tape to one of the operators to load. icon_sad.gif

    And I don't remember when TCP/IP replaced NCP -- but that may have been because I went Army Infantry after college. So I think I missed the first 4 years or so of TCP/IP.

    But I'm not all that old when you consider that I was already a College Sophomore before I graduated High School. And I did stay at the university for 4 years since I had the full scholarship.
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    Man that was a rad score!! 977/1000!

    iv got my first attempt at the BSCI 2moro. pretty nervous at the moment. im lucky to have some lab equipment at work. But none of it supports IS-IS. so who knows how ill get on. i suspect i may be doing it twice! ill post my thorts on the exam 2moro.

    out of interest has anybody come across questions that are wrong in the exam? coz iv seen quite a few in mock exams, id hate to fail becasue of incorrect questions
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    I am about 30 days away from passing this exam.

    Think happy throughts......
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    I think the BCMSN one is harder, mainly because of the wireless questions.
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    i got 777 which is a bit of a bugga!! oh well, i thort the exam wasnt too bad, perhaps i rushed it, i finished with 20mins to go. i was foiled by my arch nemisis multicasting!!
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    Aw man. Well atleast you know what you need to focus on for next time! Good luck! I have mine scheduled for April 9th.
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    Multicasting was tough to learn at first and is one of the reasons I failed my first BSCI attempt. What sucks is that there aren't many labs you can do with multicast using Dynamips (at least I havent' found many).

    Good luck next time!
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    im struggling with the fact that i have no multicast servers or clients that i can hang on my network in the lab. has anybody got any suggestions for multicast servers i can use??
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    Try taking a look at:

    down at the bottom you'll discover a wonderful "test" toolkit that's already part of the IOS.
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