Studed Preplogic and bombed

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Took the test today and only about 20% had to do with anything I studied. I had the Practice test and the video series. I am very disappointed. I went with them for all the A+ stuff and it waas well written and the tests were right on. But the Net+ was not even close.

I was scoring 96-99 on over 255 questions and to my shock I spent most of the time looking like a Deer in the head lights.

That said what do you guys recommend for study questions and reference?



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    I always try to use more then one source. I have also found that some of the preplogic stuff is very similiar to the Exam Cram 2 books.

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    It's been a while, but I used Mike Meyers' book on Network+ and found it very relevant.;Mike_Meyers&39;_Certification_Passport&41;.htm
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    Thats not uncommon, dont get down about it. Same thing for the new A+

    First, use multiple resources, as none are thorough enough. I used MM's Passport, Exam Cram + a Q/A book, along with every practice test that came with them and that I could get my hads on. I knew the material very well, expected to smoke it, and barely passed. It was rediculous. Several posts about it if you look around here.
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    I have to agree as well I had a post where they cheated my out of 28 questions i am still waiting for them to issue me another test. I read two books worth about 1500 pages took every exam online i could find. I felt like i took a Novell Apple test when i went for mine. Know your fiber and Novell Apple Stuff, besides the basics of the OSI and Topologies and IEEE standards.

    Good Luck to ya
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    preplogic is way way over rated! maybe their video cbts are good
    but I have used there stuff and not worth the money! There instruction is
    very very juvenile very limited...I have used them twice once for ccna and once for A+
    not worth the money i my book
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    Don't worry too much about it, practice more... one of the things that helped me a lot is understanding the material not just memorizing... which I think is key to any exam you may want to take in the future.

    Plus, like I wrote in an earlier post, that it doesn't matter how much you study there bound to be questions in the exam that you just would not know unless you had 20 years of actual experience working with networks, AD, Novell and Mac. I used 2 official study guides N+ Bible and Sybex, practice exams, and TrainSignal CBT and still was not able confidently answer at least 20-30 questions... so don't feel bad... this is not an easy exam imho, and I think that anyone who takes needs a little luck as well as knowledge when taking this exam.

    Good luck on your next try.
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    Thanks guys it makes me feel a little better. I'll study the downloads from here and take some test and I will look at the books mentioned. Thanks again for the tips and support.
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    Sorry to here that u have failed. im scheduled to take mines this saturday. currently im studying from multiply sources the CCNA Fass Pass, Sybex Network +fourth Edition and the Best of them all the Que Publisher Network + Exam Prep 2, this is a really good books it well written and eazy to understand plus i got the Testout CBT which is good also. by studying CISCO resources will better let u understand the various internet working devices and the Testout provides some really good info on the varies NOS. Dont feel done, it happens to us sometimes we just have to brush ourselves off and jus keep going, keep ur head up. i will post my experience after i do mines on saturday peace out icon_wink.gif
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