Hardest Certification in Technology to achieve??

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So, what is the hardest??

Here is my answer:


Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert (JNCIE-M)

Exam code: CERT-JNCIE-M

Practical exam (hands-on lab)

Held at selected Juniper Networks testing centers

Exam length: 8 hours

Pass/fail status is available within ten business days

Prerequisite certification: JNCIP-M

Recommended Training: Above plus additional training as individually required

At the pinnacle of the M-series & T-series certification track is the 1-day JNCIE-M practical exam. Maintaining the industry standard for technical excellence established by the JNTCP, the JNCIE-M certification continues to give candidates the opportunity to distinguish themselves as the truly elite of the networking world. The 8-hour format of this exam requires that candidates troubleshoot a pre-configured ISP network consisting of 10 M-series routers. Candidates are then presented with additional configuration tasks appropriate for an expert-level engineer.
The JNCIE-M is valid for two years. Re-certification is achieved by passing the current version of the JNCIS-M exam.

Exam topics MAY include:
Expert Level Operation, Configuration, and Troubleshooting skills, Routing Protocols: BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, and RIP, Routing Policy, Firewall Filters, CoS, MPLS, VPNs, IPv6, and Multicast.


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As others have said...it depends on the environment. CCIE is a really good one.....

Others have mentioned Juniper....I can tell you that the JNCIA M/T (entry level) has a lot of CCNP/IP level topics..The JNCIS M/T (second level) was harder than my CCIE R/S written. So, Juniper exams are no joke. From what I have seen so far, the JNCIE looks like a more difficult than the CCIE R/S. You have to pass the JNCIS to qualify for the JNCIP lab.....and that lab qualifies you to take another lab..the JNCIE. The last time I looked, there were only about 124 in the world. Good stuff....



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