Network+ PASSED .... by a hair

416_guy416_guy Member Posts: 70 ■■■□□□□□□□
Holy smokes (takes a deep breath) ...what an exam!!!
Passed with a score of 554 not happy with the score at all but glad I don't have to take it a second time.

I studied all month (February) read the WHOLE Mike Meyers All-in-One Network+ Certification book around 650 pages (thing is like a telephone book!) and read parts of the Network+ Sybex book.

After finishing the Mike Meyers all in one book, I've been doing mock exams which came with the book and was getting about 80% on them.

But during the test today, I was hit with alot of situational questions, some novell and apple stuff, media type of questions, but the situational questions were the tough ones. They take a bit longer to answer and I had to read it 2-3 times trying to understand it because the wordings were kinda hard to understand.

Overall I'm glad I passed but I feel like I need to review the stuff again icon_sad.gif


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