70-220 in da bag!!

Well folks, i have to say this is probably the most time consuming, but easiest microsoft test i have attempted.. 4 Case study's and 40 Questions. The interface for this test blows... You cant do case study's individually, you have to just go through each one to get to the next one, so i suggest you complete each one fully, before continuing on to the next one. The numbering system is kinda screwey too. They say there are 48 items. but you only have 40 questions.. so you cant tell were you are in each scenario. Oh yeah, the drag and drop and connect questions are lame. they get all jumbled up and you cant tell what you have connected or what you have not.. Alot of RRAS, VPN, group policy and some managment type stuff. I scored a 865 out of 1000, The minimum is 675. you are alotted 3.5 hours total for the test. Also only one questioneer at the beginning of the Test. I liked it cause it told me i passed immediatly.

Next on to 70-214, then on to redo my SEC+ (mumbles dirty words)
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    Seems like a lot of people are unhappy with the new MS exam engine...
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    A woman drove me to drink, and I didnt have the decency to thank her.
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    Thanks all.. As a gift to myself i bought myself a cisco book.. Cant wait to check it out..
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    oooh..Id love to see what you buy yourself when you really want to spoil yourself !!! icon_wink.gif
    A woman drove me to drink, and I didnt have the decency to thank her.
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    Like most 'normal' people, you chose to gift yourself quite rightly!

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    Congratulations pandimus!
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    Congrats and good luck on the next one.

    Since your at Edwards AFB (and if you dont mind me asking) are you pursuing your certs for your career in the USAF? or are you training for something new when your service is up?

    Just wondered whether the USAF finances passing-out studies (the same way as the Navy does).
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    Unfortunatly, i currently work on B-52's.. I hate planes!!!! I would like to work on computers and routers.. Anyway, The airforce dont pay anything except my wage. Gi bill on the other hand takes care of my cert tests. Anyway, my seperation date is 29apr04.. Sooooon.. So i am trying to finish these certs and get a job.. I know it looks slim. I have a buddy who might be able to help me out pretty soon. But only time will help
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    Congrats Man. Im currently taking a course that is for the exam you just passed. I will have to give you a standing ovation if you are using the MS press book and passed this exam. Its one of the worst textbooks/exam guides I have ever seen.

    Anyway thats an opinion. Congrats on your pass!!
  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    yup used MS press.. Matter of fact, ive used Mspress for every MS exam i have ever taken. I am studying for the 214 right now, and i am using syngress. To be honest. I think ms is dry as hell, but it covers all topics pretty good.

    Good luck on this test.. It's not hard.. just need to know what tech to use in what situation.
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    24 Hours in a day...24 Beers in a case...Coincidence?
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    Congrats pandimus and good luck with 214. I've been discharged from active duty army for about 1.5yrs now and the best advice I can give you is start putting your resumes out right now!!!!! Most employers won't wanna talk to you until you get out, but start now and you'll be MUCH better off.
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    Pandimus- good job at getting focused on what really matters. Some jobs can be very rewarding but they will eventually come to an end and you'll have to have skills to go on. I too am in the USAF, a 1C471 with tons of wireless/radio skills and have always had the ability to learn. You mentioned about finances and the GI bill. Did you know that the VA will reimburse you for the exams you've taken? Passed or failed they will pony up. They won't cover the test prep materials. Go to va.gov and look around or call me at DSN 424-1773 and I'll get you there. Worth looking into and might get a couple of thousand back.

  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    Hey man the VA owes me 1600 bux.. since dec.. Ive called them once a week to get them in gear.. Aint happenin..

    Wish i had your career field. I am coming short and aint got a job.. YOu see, my career field is planes, but i like computers.
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    I know the VA is a mess of paperwork. The government at its finest.
    Have you already applied for the cash back?

    I don't work on the planes, I just guide them in so they can drop the bombs.

  • pandimuspandimus Member Posts: 651
    Yeah.. I sent in all the results and a request paper.. SEveral times.. Just waiting.. and waiting.....

    Yeah I work on bombers.. B-52's.. @ Edwards.. But i want out.. Been in 9... Unless something pops up in the next month. I'm gonna have to reup.. I dont wanna do that..
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    pandimus wrote:
    yTo be honest. I think ms is dry as love, but it covers all topics pretty good.

    Yah, most of the ms press books...zzzz.

    The MCDST 271 book is alright, and written pretty well so far.
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