Western Governors Univ....Did you take their IT program?

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I wanted to talk to anyone who has taken their IT degree program.

Could you double count exam's from credit?

These are the exams I need to pass

Sun Certified Java Programmer
CIW 510
CIW 520
CIW 441
MS 70-298

Exams I already passed
MS 70-270

Any help with this would be appreciated?
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    I don't know specifically about WGU, but I've done a lot of reading on colleges accepting cert exams for credit.

    The odds of duplicate exams being accepted or counting exams twice are extremely, extremely low. If you take two exams that cover different knowledge areas but still have some overlapping topics, those may still be counted. That's why it's usually OK to take Network+ AND Cisco's INTRO, for example.

    You have to understand two aspects from the college's perspective:
    1. They are expected to obtain a certain amount of coursework in order to grant you a degree. This is especially important in terms of accreditation and state/federal laws.
    2. From a $$ standpoint, why should they give up the opportunity to make money? As it is, they're cutting their income by letting you take exams rather than pushing direct coursework, textbooks, courseware, class notes, etc.
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    I knwo for a fact that the NCM program at DeVry with count your CCNA for their NETW 202-208 courses.
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