Great Success! <In the voice of Borat>

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Hi guys,

Passed the 291 exam this morning....thank the Lord that one's over and done with! I got a score of 820 which I was quite pleased with and I have to say it wasn't quite as bad as I thought. I put in a lot of study time so I'm glad it paid off.

There was quite a bit of WSUS in there and a the odd question or 2 relating to the 290 content. All in all not a bad exam though.

Thank you to everyone on the forums for your help, it's much appreciated! icon_smile.gif


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    It must be a great feeling to finally get that behind you.

    I've been pushing mine back for months because of college. It perpetually haunts my dreams icon_evil.gif
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    kingpeter wrote:
    Hi guys,

    I put in a lot of study time so I'm glad it paid off.
    May i ask how much prior experience you had, what you used, and how long you studied?
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    I didn't really have much hands on experience (or any for that matter!) with the main topics covered in the 291 (configuring RRAS, setting up DNS zones, configuring routing etc.). I have done the 270 and 290 exams so the basic knowledge I had of DNS, DHCP, WSUS etc. came from there.

    I studied for three months and used the MS Press Book as well as the TestOut video tutorials. One thing I have to say for the TestOut tutorials was that there was next to nothing in there regarding WSUS, literally just a brief overview of what it does. I had a good few questions on WSUS so I was a bit surprised that this had been left out of the course material. As long as you've set WSUS up and played around with it that's pretty much it though,

    Having a decent lab setup to do the practicals is invaluable. I have VMWare setup with 2 DC's and a member server as well as 2 clients which served me well for the majority of the exercises in the book.

    In terms of final revision I used the Exam Cram book and the Trascender practice questions.
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    Congrats man!
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    Well done!!! :D

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    Congratulations man!
    I'm preparing mine and will be sitting for it before this month ends (... depends on how much pressure falls over me).
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    congrats icon_cool.gif
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    Nice one ,mate
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