I'm changing careers and need some advice, please help!

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I about to completely change careers and move into the IT field. I plan to attend a technical training school and get my A+, Net+, hopefully find an entry level job, then continue on with MCSA/MCSE, CCNA. Can anyone give me advice on what type of job I may be able to get, what kind of salary I could get?


  • phantasmphantasm Senior Member Member Posts: 995
    More than likely help desk or entry level support. Salary would be around $30k or less usually.
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    What made you decide to pick IT? Just curious.
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    Salary is going to depend on your location also. Here in Cincinnati, I have seen tech support jobs range from 10-18 bucks an hour. My advice to you is, passion. If you have that passion to learn and encompass all that is IT you will do well. I have passed up a lot of folks that have been in the industry since Windows 3.1, and I am doing a lot better than they are. Mainly because I still have a lot of passion and drive. Most of them are like, I don't even touch a computer when i get home, last thing I want to do is start banging on computers when I do that here at my job. I am the opposite, I am like man I can't wait home to try this or that on my computer. Passion.... and you will do fine.
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    Bold! But yes, a help desk/geek squad job is a nice start you should have no trouble finding one of those after you get A+.

    good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
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    remyforbes777 - thanks for the encouraging advice, i will certainly remember it.

    blargoe - i've always been intrigued with computers and more specifically networking. I just haven't followed it through till now.

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