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I am a newbie who just passed the Network+ exam, and am looking towards taking the A+ exams perhaps in June.

I have noticed that both the Meyers book and the Sybex book are favorites here. I found that the ExamCram was helpful for the Network+ exam, but maybe that is not true for A+. I have a limited budget, so I want the "biggest bang for my buck", so to speak.

I did buy the Meyers A+ book today, and I found the Network+ one he wrote to be a good starting point.

Any opinions on ExamCram? Is it worth it for A+?


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    I just bought the ExamCram for A+ yesterday myself, it looks great, but I am still in the first chapter.
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    i used sybex, i reccomend reading it for yourself everyone has a different way of interpreting material and sybex did a really good job for me.
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    Try the Sybex Book it was the only book i had used to pass the 601. i never had a clue about this wonderful forum and others of this sort. the Sybex will complement the Mike Meyers Book.
    Good Luck
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    Depends on your study methods as well as where you are in your prep.

    The book is a 'cram' and geared toward candidates needed a review. If you need or want more indepth study...Meyers and Sybex are both strongly recommended.
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    I purchased both the Sybex and Exam Cram A+ Kits. After reading the Sybex, I figured I'd pick up another book just in case Sybex missed something. When I purchased Exam Cram, I thought I was going to get a book that hit on the MAJOR points that I need to know for the test. However, I found it to be very wordy. In some cases the author caused confusion by using analogies and got back to the techie explanation... I'm planning on taking the exam in about 3 weeks, I'm reviewing the TexheXams and the Sybex book.
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    I've always just took online tests from different places, mostly mcmcse. Then check the questions I get wrong, look at what categories they were in, then study that area. Then repeat until I can get constant 85's and higher.

    If your still intent on buying a book, Theres plenty of free online books if you know where to look :)
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