70-291....The Beast....is DEAD

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I'm new to this forum, well, new to posting to this forum. I just got back from taking the 70-291 exam. It really wasn't that bad. I've been studying off and on for it for about 3 months and watched the CBT Nuggets series on it twice and gave it a shot with Microsofts Second Shot offer and got a 740 on it less than an hour ago. Here's the Key: Know DNS, DHCP, IPSEC, WSUS, and RRAS........just don't know them, understand it and know when and how to use it.


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    "just don't know them, understand it and know when and how to use it." bowing.gif
    Congrats! icon_cool.gif
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    Congratulations and welcome to the site!

    What have you done so far, and what's up next?
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    "just don't know them, understand it and know when and how to use it."

    I personally think that motto appeals to all IT exams. I hate it when people dont "properly" learn their stuff, it de-values it all...

    well done! ill be goin 4 the 270 in about a month!
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    I've done 70-270, 271, 272, 290 and 291.................I'm thinking about jumping straight into 293 but I need a break......I've completed all these right at 6 months and I feel burnt out. Having a family and kids and balancing studying is rough.
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    Ugh! I bet it is tough, congratulations.
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    Congratulation! :D
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    I forgot to mention how grateful I am for CBT nuggets! I did use the MS Press book but I watched the videos in place of watching TV and the whole night before. Just thought I'd add this in since it helped me to pass.
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    congrats :D
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    congrats on the pass. :D
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    Congrats, in my experience things lighten up after the BEAST! Don't take 293 too lightly but it would fit well being your next exam.
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    7255carl wrote:
    congrats :D


    Carl I wanna be the one congratulating you soon!!! :P :P :P
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