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about how many hours did people study for the A+ exam before taking it?


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    mjbossi wrote:
    about how many hours did people study for the A+ exam before taking it?

    Are you talking about time it took to read a book? Or lifetime experience before taking an exam?

    For myself I had several YEARS experience long before I even found out the exam existed. So, a week or two to read Meyers book, scheduled exams, walked in, and took both exams the same day and passed.
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    I just read the sybex study guide which took just over a week but everyone is different. There is a comfort level and there was a point where I thought I knew more than the test required so I went to go take it. I passed a+ and net+ on first try.
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    I'm with Plantwiz on this, many years of experience, got a job that required an A+, went to the bookstore and flipped through a random A+ study book, decided it looked really easy so I refreshed my memory on DMA/IRQ and then went and took the exam the next day and passed. You can't really measure the study time as it is all dependent on your experience. I knew people who were at that job who were studying non-stop right up to the deadline for getting the A+. So basically just study until you are very comfortable with the material and the objectives, take a nap, check and make sure again you're comfortable, and then go and ace that exam.
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    I've been fiddling with PCs since junior high (won't mention how long ago that was). I studied the book material for about an hour/day for three weeks.
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    I spent a solid 3 weeks on it, given that the exam is so costly.

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    i wouldn't necessarily call the actual tests irrelevant. like all exams, those writing it assume you have a basic understanding of the material and would rather test your retention to details (however random they may be).

    but, i know what you mean. i would much rather have a huge 250 question test instead of a measly 80 or so. i think more questions will allow you to apply everything you have studied -- from the fundamentals to the particulars. in my opinion, throwing in a bunch of poorly worded questions with possibly multiple correct answers is not an effective way to measure a person's knowledge -- only their luck.
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    Took a few practice tests, studied for about 5 hours total, passed. 4 years of IT experience and you'll pass this too.
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    it took me around 3 weeks for each test, studying about 2-3 hours a day
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    My job affords me a lot of time to study so I didn't rush, I took about three months total. If you have a lot of experience that can shave a lot of time because the questions are experienced based. I don't like failing things (does anybody?) so I made sure I was prepared.
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