Security Certification, Advice Needed!

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Dear All,

I just finished my MCSA + Security by learning from MSPress, Learnkey, Train Signal, CBT Nuggets and other white papers and testing on lab environment using VMWare ESX Server 3.0.

I wanted to be a Security Specialized and a VCP Vi3 3.0 Specialized in Security Implementations and Designing Security.

I'm a beginner in the Security Field, and I wanted to be a Security Consultant, Implementer in Technical Side or Security Administrator. I'm mostly focusing on the technical side.

What is your advice to me? to go for 70-298, then VCP? or the VCP first followed by 70-298, CCSP, and other Certification track?

Your suggestion, guidance, ideas are highly appreciated.



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    The Microsoft MCSE/MCSA security specializations aren't highly respected typically for security positions. Not to dissuade you from pursuing them, but if you really want to get into more higher end security work, that's probably not going to do it.

    You really want a certification like CISSP or something like that. If you don't have enough documented work experience for that, you should focus on getting the work experiences and certs that help you get those to do so. Honestly, most any higher end work in general has something to do with Security. For example, if you work as a Windows administrator, you might be doing work with hardening servers, creating users and groups to access certain data, patch management, etc.

    Getting that kind of experience requires broad certifications of a higher level, such as MCSE and VCP.

    In other words, you're on the right track. Get MCSE, or MCSE: Security if you desire, but MCSE should open up better opportunities to you than MCSA. VCP should as well. Focus on whichever you think in your circumstances will get you involved in more higher end work that qualifies for CISSP certification or furthers your career. For example, if your current job has no one who knows ESX, get VCP so you get to be heavily involved in the implementation, etc.
    Good luck to all!
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    If you have someone to pay for the mandatory VCP training class then I say definitely go for the VCP cert first.
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    Currently, working as a System Administrator in a bank, and i have hand-on experience with MS Infrastructure, connecting sites between our main branch, vpn, isa security, GPO's, patch management, hardening, ect.

    Also, i have experiance ESX, and securing esx servers. We don't have any1 VCP Certified yet, and I don't think people are thinking about it or about the Virtulization journey World. We have recently pushed a purchase request for new banking system, and i have include the ESX Bundle License with it, with the Bundle license Free VCP Online Training is included so, the VCP Training is qurenteed but it might take little long time.

    Till, the time the the management they approve the LPO and those kind of stuff, i would like to do the 70-298, till the time we got the VCP Training Voucher and go for the VCP Video Tutorials and Exam.

    Do u agree with me, or doing something else other than 70-298 will be better? such as completing my MCSE 2003? or doing CEH ? or wait and upgrade to MCTS with Server 2008?
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    To get VCP, you must take the approved class. Last I checked that is not available as elearning. That could have changed though.

    You could easily enough go for MCSE: Security if you know ISA Server as well. If you have MCSA: Security already, make 70-298 your design exam for MCSE, and then go after ISA 2006 (70-351) as an elective.
    Good luck to all!
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    I contacted them a couple of weeks ago, and they told me I had to take a course. What you have sounds like supplemental material.
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    Remember that VMWare is now a public company that owns the most popular VM package in Earth. They'll need to find every way they can to earn revenue to keep their share holders happy--including charging "professional" rates for training and certification. (IPO = selling your business' soul.)
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    I'm already decided to take the 70-298. The exam which i have finished are:


    Do you recommend me to take the 70-351 as well? Or do 70-298 and wait for the VCP to get approved by my organization?
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    Looks to me that you just need 70-298, 70-293, 70-294. Go for those, but as mentioned by the above poster, if you're sent to an authorized VMWare training class that qualified for VCP, get VCP and come back to those.

    I don't see much of a point for going for 70-351 unless you recently took 70-350. If you did, you should be able to pass 70-351 without a problem and would gain MCTS certification. Otherwise, it wouldn't help you get MCSE: Security. You already have two elective requirements fulfilled because you've passed 70-350 and 70-299.
    Good luck to all!
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    I would finish the 3 M$ tests you need to be a MCSE:Security. There is a lot of overlap in the stuff, so it is advisable to do them "in-a-row". As you already have 5 tests under your belt, get it over with. Good luck
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    Thanks for all your suggestions and advice. Now, I'm preparing with ESX in a lab test, Planning ESX in Enterprise *.pdf, Train.Signal, and other *.pdf's from vmware. Also, at home i'm reading the M.O.C book for 70-298 around two hours.

    I'm waiting for the confermiation from our company to sponser me in the VCP, if this is clicked first, then i will do it and later the 70-298 and completing the mcse+sec. If it will be delayed, then i will do the 70-298.
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