how to reset winXP networking

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I am using network of 4 computers in my home. I have router behind the hub. Master computer who is actually connected to internet is using Xp pro. Rest are using xp home and pros.

having router behind the hubs is not a question of ICS. But i am having problem in sharing the files between the computers. In XPhome edition I cannot even see the netcoontion properties, thoough the ICS is stable and having problem only in msn and hotmail.

I actually want to reset the whole networking system , Does anyone know how to?

help will be much appreceated.


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    Im a novice at networking but let me give this a try.

    If you have a router why are you using ICS ? I was under the assumption that all routers support Cable and DSL connections and you just need just plug your Internet Connection into the upload port on the routher and share that way....i could be wrong though.

    To answer your question I would **** ICS. Have your internet connection shared at the router so others can access the net without your computer being on all the time.

    Make sure all your connections are connected properly (so that you get a local area connection thingy in network connections) and make sure you have MS file and Printer sharing installed/enabled (whatever) and also make sure you configure on each computer any particular drives/folders you would like to shake.

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    aznluvsmcaznluvsmc Member Posts: 47 ■■□□□□□□□□
    To answer your questions about sharing files, ensure that you have a DHCP server giving out IP addresses or you've assigned static IP addresses to each computer. Also, make sure all the computers belong to the same workgroup.

    If you cannot access the network connections properties page properly in XP Home then, you have a problem. I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to see the properties page unless the OS is damaged.

    Test to see if you can ping the computers.
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    Pardon me for eavesdropping on your conversation, but i was wondering about blackguymd's question about using a router and ics, just started studying for net+ myself, and wondering if there was ever any reason to use ics when a router is involved. Isn't ics just a software router?
    thanks for the info.
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    DrakonblaydeDrakonblayde Member Posts: 542
    Your problem is that piece of garbage called XP Home. XP Pro and Home do not easily integrate.
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    I have a Win98, an XP home, and an XP Pro computer hooked up in a home network. The only time I had issues with not being able to see or access machines in the workgroup is when I had the ICF enabled. Hope this helps.

    it's my understanding that ICS acts as a DHCP server and router so, I don't have a hardware router, just a hub. Since it's a home network, you have the luxury of playing around with the config a little bit.

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    netcom2000netcom2000 Member Posts: 117
    I find the easiest way to share both local, and external connections, is to have a cable modem and a multihomed system, for both internal and externa addressing, and have the external interface acquiring an IP from the DHCP server of your ISP, and the other interface as default gateway, and configure all clients to use this gateway information as well as othe information such as, DNS server etc with ICS enabled. Security issues are maintained by using a software program as Firewall, and I seem to have a smooth running network.
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