Just passed

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Got a 771. I found the content of this exam far more extensive than the 70-270 exam. I used a mixture of the Sybex books and Transcenders. When I actually came to the exam, I found the questions of a similar nature, however it was much easier on the multiple-choice questions to eliminate obviously wrong answers. There was maybe only 1 question on which I had to completely guess.

I got lots of questions on command line utilities, backups, WSUS, hardware / network troubleshooting, auditing and permissions.

The 6 simulations i received covered {edited by Moderator}.

I was surprised that I was not asked that much on TS or IIS, maybe 7 questions total.

If I was going to give any advice to anyone studying for the exam I have just taken, you do need to have a decent knowledge of everything, but permissions is where you need to know your stuff.

Onwards to the beast.


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