Holy Smokes... I Passed

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Hey everybody.. I passed the Security+ today. It was the SYO-101 (2007 Version).

I didn't do very well... 775, and i'm sure you all know that a 764 is needed to pass, but it counts.

Man i'm so excited. What a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.. (I had to pass as a proficiency for a course this term, so now i'm actually graduating)

Now down to business. I studied with the tech notes and the Sybex Security+ book.

I felt the exam was fair and for the most part error free. There were a few "chose the BEST answer" that were annoying as it seemed that several of the choices had their advantages over the others. I enjoyed the ability to skip questions and go back later.. something that is not allowed with adaptive testing (Cisco and others). I did not have many of the "scenario" type of questions that people have been complaining about. I guess there were some, but they didn't seem any easier or harder than the rest.

For those of you that are studying, take comfort in knowing that the tech notes on this site are great. The information is accurate and easy to read. Many of my questions were covered in the tech notes that weren't in the Sybex book.

If i were to study again, i would focus more on cryptographic systems, (IPSec and SSL), and Access Control methods (RBAC, MAC, DAC, and types, BIBA, Bell La-Padula).

My tips for all of you future test takers.... Study, study, study, relax, relax, relax. I was incredibly nervous going into the exam, which in turn caused me to read questions improperly and get them wrong. Take your time with the exam, and make sure you answer specifically what the questions is asking. Leave 10 or 15 minutes at the end of the exam to go back and verify you read the questions correctly.

So thats my report. If anyone has questions about the exam let me know. Now its party time.



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