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Hi :)

I would like to know how a web hosting bussines works and which certification should I have to run a bussines like this?

I'm just at the begining of the road...passed recently my A+ Core Hardware and I'm confuse which road to take,because I'm kind of pesimist about getting a new job ,let's say,after I'm done with MCSA 2003.

I'm a romanian guy,living in Norway and things are strange here...

So,I think it will be smarter to get/learn a certification which could help me to start/try a bussines alone.

Any advices?

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    which certification should I have to run a bussines like this?

    A sure bet is a certification wont tell you how to run a business like this..
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    there are plenty of turn-key operations if you are keen to get into webhosting, not sure how you would go about sorting it all out for yourself, though. but i imagine the costs would be enormous - not only have you to provide and maintain the hardware, but you will also have to sort out getting a dns, sorting out the control panels, etc
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    rono wrote:
    which certification should I have to run a bussines like this?

    I don't think customers'll ask you for your certification if you're going to run a web hosting business. icon_lol.gif The only certification they'll be looking for is that their website doesn't go down and is always available with you.

    and as bellboy said: a web-hosting business will want some real cash; and if you're just starting out in the industry, you should consider getting higher certifications (MCSA,MCSE,etc) and experience before you jump out into the battlefield.

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