Scheduled my exam today PASSED

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I took my first certification (Sec+) last September and had planned on getting Linux+ done late 2007. But things kept coming up. So now I went out and set my date for May 8th and mentioned it on this board. Now I have no way of backing out icon_lol.gif


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    Best of luck to you! I expect a full review of the exam an hour after completion, I also hope to sit this exam by the end of the year! :D
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    best of luck icon_cool.gif
    W.I.P CCNA Cyber Ops
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    You will be fine.

    Knock that test out of the park and post on this board as soon as you passed.
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    All the best..!!! Good luck....
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    May the Force be with you.

    From the times when I signed up for Security+ and Network+ with Pearson/Vue I was told that I can postpone the exam time and day, no later than 24 hrs before the original scheduled time.

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  • GrynderGrynder Member Posts: 106
    Thanks everybody. One week to go. feeling pretty good, except anything printer related but I just have to put in the time
  • GrynderGrynder Member Posts: 106
    Just came back and I passed with an 835. The whole exam took me just under 40 minutes. It was really a case of; either you know it or you don't. There were some questions that I used my scribble pad for (subnetting, mask, permissions) but mostly it was memorization.
    I was surprised by the number of LILO questions (4) and lack of GRUB questions.

    I have about 2 years of Linux play/work experience and I used Sybex, In Depth and O'Reilly Running Linux to study.
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    Gratz! icon_cool.gif
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    congrats sir.
    Dustin Leefers
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    Great Score. Great Job. icon_exclaim.gif
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    Thanks everybody. Now it's on to the SQL Server 70-431 certification. Completley out of left field but it is directly applicable to my job. Once I get it done, my plan is to continue with LPI
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