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OK... So I recently got my hands on a very powerful server which i have sitting here at my house. It's an HP, (hyperthreaded) 8 processor (not sure the speed offhand... haven't turned it on yet), with 32gb of ram...

I want to know what kind of things you would do with such a powerhouse server. I thought about running some rainbow tables, but that isn't all that exciting... any ideas?


  • hettyhetty Member Posts: 394
    Geez, how do you just get your hands on one of them?

    You could :

    1. Dim the lights in your local neighbourhood.
    2. Find cures for Cancer & AIDs
    3. Help model global warming possibilities
    4. Find 'aliens'

    Check the list of other distributed computing projects if that stuff interests you. Otherwise youve got a kick ass lab machine there, but you are going to have to use 2003 Enterprise to use the full 8 processors and 32Gb of RAM. Thats going to suck up a lot of juice!
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    Hyper-V imo! That is of course if the server has support for it.
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    WOW... that is a heck of a server to get your hands on for a home lab... look into Protein Folding help out mankind... :D

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    I have just started rolling these out for a customer (Dell R900) which are designed to be used for VMWare, but the license costs are going to thought the roof.

    Take a look at setting up some VMWare and have a whole network in a box
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    How do you just "get your hands" on something like there for home use?
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    Actually, I can get my hands on another one, if I wanted it... I also got a DL380 out of the deal. My friend's company was getting rid of them (they moved to dell servers) and they let him have them. My friend has about 10 servers (of varying size) in his apartment... his electric bill is insane.

    Anyway, I thought about all those things... I was going to use it to build a few DC's to work on my MCSE, but that would just be temporary. I also thought about the SETI and Protiens stuff... A good friend of mine is ranked in the top 10 in the world in one of the BOiNC projects, but what I really want is to really give this server a workout... I want to peg the memory and CPU doing something worthwhile (I'm not saying the BOiNC project aren't worthwhile)...

    I thought about donating some CPU time to the LHC project, I'm sure they need some insane processing power.

    Any other ideas how to give this horse a workout?
  • TalicTalic Member Posts: 423
    hetty wrote:

    Wouldn't it attribute more to it though? icon_lol.gif

    As for running something to use the power, I really can't think of much. If you do Folding@Home you're better off getting some high end CrossFire or other type of video cards to render it since they would do it faster then cpus. Or some PS3s.

    Maybe load Supreme Commander on it and set it to highest amount of units the game supports, hehe.
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    play quake and surf pron
  • techgeek07techgeek07 Member Posts: 42 ■■□□□□□□□□
    AlanJames wrote:
    play quake and surf pron

    Out of all the intelligent statements on this site, that was by far the best.
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    No one's said it yet, so....

    You could run Crysis at medium settings....

  • hettyhetty Member Posts: 394
    Talic wrote:
    hetty wrote:

    Wouldn't it attribute more to it though? icon_lol.gif
    I was wondering when somebody would point out the irony of that. But you could use it for dual-purposes, offsetting your carbon footprint. It would make a lovely hot-plate!
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    IMO you should turn it off and only turn it on when you are ready to work on labs. Trying to max out the processing power of the box is going to max out your electricity bill and is just not necessary.
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  • Lee HLee H Member Posts: 1,135

    How much would one of these set you back if you bought one??

    What to do with it, hhhmmm, MS Paint, Spider Solitaire

    or........host a LAN party and configure it as a terminal server so 20+ guests can play COD4

    I have a core2duo, 4gig of RAM, 2 X 512 8600GT, how can i check how much of its power is being used while say playing COD4

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