I completed the documentation for the experience requirements, training, and audit in March of this year. Once I was approved (way back in March), I scheduled the PMP exam for April 30th (today).

I studied off and on for the exam from March until recently. My primary study tools were:


Rita Mulcahy's Exam Prep Book -

and Rita Mulcahy's PM FASTrack -

When I initially scheduled the exam, I wasn't really thinking about GTA IV being released this week, and how that might affect my ability to take the test. On Monday of this week I investigated rescheduling the exam. Although I was doing well with the practice material, I thought that my performance might suffer. When I checked on Monday I found out it was too late to reschedule, and that I would forfeit the $555 registration fee if I didn't take it as scheduled....

I'm so glad that I didn't reschedule it, because I Passed! No score was given, other than an indication that I am "Proficient" in all areas covered.


This was among the easiest exams that I have ever taken. For me the ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant Exam was a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10, ITIL Manager was a 9 and my undergraduate animal behavior class exams were 10's. Against this scale the PMP was a 5...much easier than 70-290 and probably easier than Security+.

Multiple choice exams are not normally a cakewalk for me, even when I know the material very well. My scores tend to be no higher than 80%. For example, I failed both ITIL Practitioner certifications that I hold once before retaking and passing. Essay is more my style.

My experience might be because I've done quite a bit of project management throughout my career and I know the topic well. It also could be because I prepared adaquately for this exam. However, I now think that I overstudied for this exam, and likely could have passed it with minimal additional preparation.

The prep material that I used was good, but overpriced. The PM FASTrack software alone was $299...

The test has too many questions (200), and takes way too long to complete (~2 hours). I generally keep track of what answers I think are 90% correct, those that are 50% correct, and those that I think are 25% correct. At then end I had 170 or so in the first category, which is unlike any other multiple choice exam for me, and means that I was reading the questions and selecting the correct answer, with very little thinking. IMO the same level of competency could be tested in 100 or fewer questions.

If the hype that I read online is to be believed, the PMP is one really tough exam. I read countless posts on other sites about how difficult the exam is, and how much time people spent preparing. I realize everyone comes to the table with different knowledge and experience, and has different levels of test-taking ability, however, in my experience the actual exam did not live up to the hyperbole....



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    congrats on the pass emes, you've passed a pretty few lately!!!!

    Sounds like the 200 q's is a bit of an overkill for my liking, i would probably end up losing focus!
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    Congrats on the pass, I know that the PMP cert is pretty hot right now, mainly due to the air of difficulty surrounding it. As for how difficult it is, maybe it's that most people taking it (and failing), are the regular sysadmin types trying to break into project management, or project managers that have little or no experience with hands-on IT work, and a lot of the details that an experienced IT project manager takes for granted in knowing makes the exam difficult. Much like how some sysadmins have a hard time making it to management or senior-levels due to the lack of 'soft skills', maybe people are finding the PMP exam difficult because it deals with an area of IT that most of us haven't really studied, the business and logistics end, rather than the purely technology-related topics.

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    Thanks for the detailed write-up, as always ;)
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    Congrats MS!! I'm sure we'll see a write up on the CTT+ as well soon :D
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