Booking the 312 Exam

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Hi Guys

this is my First Post
i went to New Horizons Learning Center in order to do this course as i didn't have the relevant security work experience to obtain the certification
I was given a Prometric voucher to take the 312 exam in my EC-Council Study Pack.

I'm certain i need to book this at the training center as that is what it states on the voucher, yet i called New Horizons and they tell me i need to book with Prometric.

Unfortunately after calling Prometric, i was told that Prometric don't do the 312 prefix exam and they only do the 350 prefix exam. I then called New Horizons again and talked to the EC-Council instructor and was told that i can't do the exam at their "Accredited" training centre or Prometric, apparantly all the 312 exams are done at a Pearson VUE vendor now.They said they would look into this for me and call me back immediately (No such luck, still waiting on a phone call after 48 hours).
The voucher won't work on the Pearson view website when booking the exam.

All i want to do is book the exam with the voucher can anyone please clarify this for me and who's responsibility this resides with (New Horizons or EC-Council). Rest assured i won't be going back there to do any more IT training, as i was quite unhappy with the course delivery method and my instructor had no clue about the material half the time


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