Passed this afternoon! (JUST)

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Hey guys, passed with a 731 today first time icon_eek.gif very close indeed. Same type of score with 70-290 aswell. I seem to be cutting it very fine each time so Im beginning to wonder what I should do now.

My experience:

- Before embarking on MCSA/MCSE I havent touched AD or anything related to a business server environment.
- 2 year cisco academy course
- 5 years working with supporting home users

Im not sure if I should stop now, and go over my weak areas in 70-290 and 70-291 (although it's hard in some cases i.e RRAS) or concentrate on finishing the course and polishing up when Im in a job. Anyway, thanks very much to everyone whose helped me on this exam!

Some info for others taking this exam

* I found there was suprisingly quite a few questions on network/packet monitoring, so brush up on this, and which tools you should use in different scenarios.
* A healthy ammount of DNS/DHCP but the exam wasnt crawling with it
* Only 1 simulation, which was stupidly easy (I believe I can't go into details on it)
* Know your subnetting/vlsm back to front (probably goes without saying)
* A few questions on WSUS
* A few on RRAS and a few on IPSEC


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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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    Well done!

    I personally would brush up on the other areas while its fresh in your mind however bear in mind the overlap on the 293 (if your taking it) as you dont ant to leave it too long and have to re-learn things from 291.

    Best of luck!
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    Congratulations on the pass, especially on knocking it out of the park on your first try!

    As Sie mentioned, now is probably a good time to go straight into the 70-293 topics and really study. For most people, that exam isn't as tough as the one you just passed, and a lot of the topics overlap. With any luck, it'll help you cement some of the things you learned for 70-291, and maybe even help you pick up some of the things that may not have been clear.

    Good luck, we'll be looking forward to seeing another "I PASSED!" heading over in the 70-293 forum before long.

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    Congrats, I hope to have the same results when I take mine... I'll take a 700 :)
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    Thanks again all. Sie/Slowhand thanks for your input. I was set on doing the 70-270 to get the mcsa (y'know how it is ;P) but I think I'm going to do as you suggest now and just go straight into 293 as it's clearly the best option. Best of luck leefdaddy!
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