Passed CCNA.

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Finally after my third try I passed the CCNA.

The first time I took the CCNA was in January and scored a 683, took it a second time at the end of April and scored an 801, and finally took it again Monday and passed with an 894.

On my first two tries, I really messed up the simulators I got, however on this third try I completed the ones I got, and they looked fine to me, I'm pretty sure I got them right this time.

What I used to pass the CCNA was, a CCNA bootcamp that I attended through Boson, my Boson Exsim questions, Boson Netsim simulators, and Cisco Press CCNA books.

I attended the bootcamp for a few reasons, one was to obviously help me obtain my CCNA. However the main reason I attended the bootcamp was because I felt that the associates degree in computer networking that I had earned in college came too easily. The college told me that they would teach me so many things, but failed to deliver on most everything, so I feel that I didn't have to work hard enough to earn my degree. The bootcamp was to help try and fill in gaps in my education.

After taking my first test for CCNA, I've realized I probably should have started with another certification first because of how grueling an entry level certification this was, but I was determined that it was best to continue until I got it since I had already started it.

I've decided that my next certification that I go for will be the Security+, followed by the MCSA/MSCE. It will be a while before I go for my CCNP, but I do plan to do it, and I will be getting some equipment to practice my CCNA knowledge on in the meantime and also have in preparation for CCNP studies.


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    congrats on the pass icon_cool.gif
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    Congrats....cheers for you mate....I am working on it no hurries, taking my sweet time to get it done....few months down the road I plan to get it....wish me luck.
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    Congrats to you Captain Charisma!

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    Congrats man, I've had a similar experience with the school I got my degree from. I never considered certs until after I graduated and realized that I was better at teaching myself than they ever were. Good luck on your future endeavors.
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    I am finsihing my BS in CS and well i am learning some things. I really like languages
    and I have heard those good at programming do well in Cisco. Hope so hee hee
    but yeah my 2 year degree in networking was a breeze. i already knew a lot.
    well I was in my early 30s when i finish that. but now am 41 and have 1.2 years left to finish
    my 4 year in CS. and then finish my ccna this 7 aug 08 and maybe mcse 2k3 after
    just because i woudl like mcse for the knowledge? not sure if i should concentrate on ccnp an dthen ccie up in the air. i guess i will know when i get there. :D
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    CoffeeKing, I'm also taking my time. I've passed the A+ and Network+ but the wealth of info in CCNA is incredibly intimidating.
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    congrats, Captain C!
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    Don't take too much time off celebrating drunken_smilie.gif before you get back to the books icon_study.gif for the Security+ -- Good Luck icon_cool.gif
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    COngrats man, I bet it felt good when you seen the screen with congratulations on it!

    CoffeeKing, I'm also taking my time. I've passed the A+ and Network+ but the wealth of info in CCNA is incredibly intimidating.

    I also feel there is alot of info on the ccna and i havent worked with it much so thats why im going the 2 exam route, yes it costs more money but i feel it will be a better investment in the understanding of the theory because i will have to make sure i know each section inside out and i think whilst i am doing me degree PT its more manageable that way!
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    Any tips for us still trying???
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    nice job ! well done .... :)
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    Your bound to have a better understanding of it too after three attempts.

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    Congratulations! Good luck on your next certs.
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    sweet ....
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    Thanks guys, and good luck to those studying for the CCNA.
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    Congrats on the pass, (persistence pays off). Good luck on your Security+ studies.

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    Congrats and great determination!! icon_wink.gif
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    Good job!

    Don't get down at all on yourself. CCNA is a hard exam, especially for someone just starting in networking.

    Security+ is a good way to go from here. Consider snagging Linux+ and MCP 70-270 first. Both will be great additions to your resume. Security+ really builds on some Linux/Windows/Cisco concepts.
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    Great job. Make sure that you stay on top of your CCNA knowledge because the CCNP is an uphill climb. They say 3rd time's the charm :)
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