Cisco Equipment for CCNA Certification

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I Just passed my Network+ Certification. I have the following Cisco devices connected to my Home Network:

(2) Cat Switch 2912 (1) Router 2621 (1) Router 2611 (1) PIX 501 firewall

I’ve configured the switch with VLANs and interVLANs via Router on a Stick; VTP, Telnet, SSH, NAT, and PPTP(VPN).

I have not learn how to configure RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, and ACL as of yet.

Do I need any additional equipment, and did I miss anything other configuration I need to know?



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    Check out the CCNA FAQ

    You'd want at least a couple 2950 or 2960 switches. The 2912 might be okay as a 3rd or 4th switch.

    You'd probably want 2 more routers -- one of which should be a supported router for running SDM (check the link in the FAQ).

    You can either get a 252x to use as a frame relay switch (get an Ethernet, not Token Ring version) or an NM-4A/S to put in on of the 2600s.
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