Passed the 70-620 exam

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I passed this one with a 907. This was definitely the easiest Microsoft exam I have written. The questions were very brief. There were no elaborate scenarios like in some of the MCSE exams.


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    Yeah I wrote it today after reading the posts on the board here. Completely inappropriate to have it as a part of the MCITP: 2008 EA in my opinion. Half the questions were along the lines of:

    Q. You want your computer to go to sleep when you close the lid. Do you:

    A. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to to see who won last nights hockey game
    B. Open Power Options and select "Adjust the display brightness", set the slider to maximum
    C. Create a folder called C:\PutTheComputerToSleepWhenICloseTheLid
    D. Open Power Options, click "Choose what closing the lid does" and select "Sleep"

    Hmm... let me think about that one. icon_rolleyes.gif

    Disclaimer: No, this was not an actual exam question! But I think you get the idea...
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    A B and C. Do I win a cookie?
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    royal wrote:
    A B and C. Do I win a cookie?

    (What, you expected a whole cookie?)
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    I also thought the exam was easy.
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    Congratulations on passing the exam. Heading for the upgrade path to MCITP after this?
    royal wrote:
    A B and C. Do I win a cookie?
    Yup. Here you go.

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    I'll probably look at the upgrade exams at some point. I am not in a big rush because my company probably won't upgrade for a couple of years. Some of the exams don't even have a Microsoft Press book available yet.
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    I also passed 70-620 today ( 5-29-08 ) with a score of 792.

    I have to ditto what you mrlink said about the exam 70-621 which fits into 70-620.

    "I found the questions to be focused on wireless networking, Firewall rules, UAC, Group Policy. The choices were suprisingly obvious I thought, basically 3 possible XP answers with 1 actual Vista answer. alot of them were like that. Or 3 obviously wrong and 1 obviously right. Only 2 questions had exhibits."

    I had a question about wireless projector as well as IE7 questions. A few were just like mrlink said obvious, you could easly pick out the right one by the process of elimination.

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