Dynamips for BCMSN?

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Hi Guys,

Im currently in the process of moving house, the place im staying at for the moment does not have enough room for me to setup all my switches....

I know dynamips is primarily meant to be a router emulator, but can it emulate any layer 3 switches that will allow me to do some lab work for the BCMSN??

CCIE# 38186


  • astorrsastorrs Member Posts: 3,139 ■■■■■■□□□□

    Save your switches (3 should be enough) and **** your routers in favor of dynamips if you're short on space.

    The best it can emulate is a 16-port NM switch but those don't support all the features you will be tested on (i.e., I don't think it will let you trunk between modules in two virtual routers - well it will let you trunk the ports but they won't actually share VLAN tables - someone correct me here if a recent update has improved on this)
  • rakemrakem Member Posts: 800
    dam... there really is no space. My computer is on the floor at the moment....

    Oh well i will just persist with crappy boson until i move into my new place...

    CCIE# 38186
  • astorrsastorrs Member Posts: 3,139 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Its too bad the Catalyst 2955T-12's aren't still around - or if the old ones weren't so damn expensive on eBay because they were awesome for space. I know when I worked in process control we had a few and they were seriously tiny!
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