Conquered the nasty 70-291 today

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Got this one on the first try. It was a hard exam and I studied for a long time for it, but still only got 763. Still, it's a pass and I really would have hated to have to go through all that study material again.
Only one simulation question (MX records). I expected more. A couple of questions I had absolutely no idea on. Never seen the items they mentioned in anything I'd read.
I used MS Press (2004 edition) mainly, with virtual servers running in a test environment.
On to 70-293 now. I hear it's easier. Will be celebrating tonight no doubt. Well, a beer anyway.
Good luck if you've got this one to do.


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    Congratulations on your pass! It does seem like most people score only 1 sim on this exam. I'm sure if there was more it would be easier. Unless of course they made more difficult sims. Or more poorly worded sims.
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    congrats on the pass!
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    Congratulations on the pass :D
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    C O N G R A T S!

    I hope I'm doing the right thing. I'm taking the 70-291 as my first Exam..I've gone really far and can't look back now. can u actually RUN--- arp -a clientipaddress on a DHCP server to get a client's MAC address or ipconfig instead I saw that in sprkymrk's answer explanation.

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    Congratulations on the pass. Don't feel too bad, though; I don't remember what my exact score was, but it wasn't out of the 700-range. You'll reinforce a lot of the things you learned, as well as re-learn the things that may not have clicked, as you move into studying for the 70-293.

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