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Hi all,

flat question :

- MS network administrators (intended as administrators of classic private infrastructures), have ever to do with supernetting? And You?

Wait for answers. :)
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    Not really. I've never worked with it other than the MCSE books. Haven't really worked with subnetting much either. The subnetting I have worked with is in larger deployments where they were doing actual subnetting /22, /23, etc... I would have to make sure that the correct network ID was entered into Active Directory Sites and Services.

    For example, I was at a client with about 15,000 users globally and I re-structured their Active Directory Sites and Services to 2 new Data Centers with a removal of their old data center. Everything was subnetted. I think it was /22. That's

    So let's say you have They may add that network to the subnet. It's not actually on that subnet. It would be if it was /24. But since it's subnetted, it's actually on the network. You would have had to add the network to the Sites and Services as a subnet object and attach it to the site it belongs to.

    These are the things you need to understand. Learn how to subnet/supernet, do the ANDing process, and learn how the system works and how it can affect Active Directory. In the real world, you won't have to manually calculate all these things as a Windows Administrator. Personally, I use the following site to enter subnetted addresses into to see what netmask they are a part of and ensure Active Director Sites and Services includes that subnet.
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    All that is very nice. :)

    Thanks very much Royal.
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