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Hi Guys,

I am studying for the 70-620 exam and getting a bit worried about the changes in the exam structure. I don't have a copy of vista and reading by the books. I am not familiar with the interfaces and people are reporting 8 or more simulation questions per exam.

What are the simulation type questions like?

Many thanks


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    The sims simply require you to perform a basic task, such as setting up a network connection, configuring a setting in IE, etc. You won't have a problem if you've gone through the exercises in your study book and have a little hands-on experience. Many people like them because they find it easier to actually work with the interface.
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    I personally like sims because by the end you either completed the assigned task or you didn't. I've only had one that I was at all iffy on because they were a little bit unclear about the wording of the desired results. You also have some stumbling margin for error because you can feel your way through some areas you don't know as well.
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    So the sims are really simple? Since I don't have much hands on experience for Vista I am worried that I might fail on the simulation questions. I'm one of those who feels more comfortable with scenarios and multiple choice questions.
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    reuser wrote:
    Since I don't have much hands on experience for Vista...

    Get some! ;)

    Repartition or add a drive and dual-boot or install it in a VM. No excuses!
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    How many points are the simulation questions worth? I don't understand the score system. If I get 10 sim questions does it mean that there are 10 possible points? Do I score more when answering the multiple choice questions correctly or do i score more with sim questions?

    Please help!
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    to me it seems that anyone who is that interested/concerned in how the scoring works or how many sims might be on the test or how hard they are probably needs a lot more study time

    like dynamik said repartition/dualboot/virtualize vista and get some hands on experience
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    MS doesn't disclose scoring information.

    Transcender assigns you one point for each objective in the sim (i.e. a sim consisting of four tasks will be worth four points), so the sims on the actual exams might be scored similarly.

    No one will be able to give you a definite answer. Just be well prepared, and it won't matter either way ;)
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    Thanks for all your tips. I'm taking the test next month and I feel quite nervous. One more question, out of 56 or 64 questions how many can I afford to get wrong? I am confident on the theory side of things but will try and get the hands on interface experience as I am worried about the simulation questions.
  • nicklauscombsnicklauscombs Posts: 885Member
    Noone really knows how the scoring works or how many you need right as that information is not published
    Just forget about how many you need right or wrong, etc... and focus on covering the objectives and you will do fine :D
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    Yea, 700/1000 is 70%, but some questions aren't scored and others may be weighted differently. You can use 70% as a rough guide, but it's not going to translate to a specific number of questions.
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