Just passed ICND2!!!

suffahsuffah Member Posts: 89 ■■□□□□□□□□
The test was tough, I barely scraped by with a 846. I'll admit I underestimated it, it was a lot more difficult than ICND1. I finished ICND1 with like 25 mins to spare, I barely finished this exam with 3 mins left, lol.

I honestly thought I didn't pass because I didn't complete one of the sims about halfway through the exam. This started messing with my head and I started thinking about rescheduling another exam for next sat, etc. But I forced myself to stand up, stretch my legs and take a deep breath and focus on the last 30 questions. :)

Thanks for all the advice and posts on this forum. It was encouraging to read stories by other people and of course the advice was invaluable. See you guys on the CCNP side!


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